PatrolMan Guard Card Based Monitoring System.
Good security is needed in this country to protect property and your products. The cost of having this security person / Patrol Man is a sizeable investment for some, especially when this service is contracted out. This will probably not come as a surprise to you, but security guards sometimes fall asleep at night. That is a useful as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. How can you monitor that the person being paid (minimum wages) is doing what is expected from them?
Luckily we have a solution, and that solution is affordable and it is called PatrolMan.
How does PatrolMan work?
The Patrol_Man baton is a modern electronic replacement for the traditional night watchman's clock. Unique numbered clock points are located at strategic locations around your premises to ensure you and your property of maximum protection. (See picture)  The Patrolman is issued with a stainless steel baton and during their patrol round the premises; the guard will swipe past these ID points with his PatrolMan baton.
An LED (Light Emitting Diode.) flashes when the tag has been read successfully.
At the end of the shift the guard hands in his PatrolMan baton in to be downloaded via a USB port to the PC. A number of different reports of various guard patrols can then be obtained. (See Software)
The PatrolMan baton stores the last 28000 transactions and each transaction stores the unique ID number of the Proximity Tag, as well as the Date, Time and Location of the tag point.
Proximity Points
These low-cost ID points all have their own unique alpha numerical number that is linked via software to each clock point. i.e. North west corner. Due to their stainless steel material used for the ID points, this makes them absolutely weather resistant and most suitable for use in harsh or even corrosive environments. They do not require any ongoing maintenance. The units can even be recessed behind concrete should you so wish. 
The PatrolMan baton is rugged, manufactured from stainless steel and hermetically sealed, making it suitable for any environment, corrosive or otherwise.
It is shockproof and has been certified for use in hazardous areas “explosion protected Ex ib I T4”. Due to its high-capacity alkaline battery it has a lifetime of many years (3-7 years depending on usage) and is maintenance free. The batteries do need to be change every few years but other than that the unit is robust and reliable.
Simply mount the control point on any fixed object, one can get immediate reports on what has been checked, on which day and at what time.
The information can be downloaded directly into an industry-standard PC or via the Data Transporter Unit and we are available to give you a detailed demonstration of our products, which we feel you would find very interesting.
Depending on the size of the property there are between 8 – 16 points on average
Get up & Go Kit

Patrol_Man Guard Monitoring “Get up & Go kit” consisting of:
* 1 x Patrol_Man Software package on CD
* 1 x Patrol_Man Stainless steel Patrol Baton
* 1 x Patrol_Man Leaterette pouch (fits onto a belt)
* 1 x Docking Station to uploading data (USB cable links to the PC)
* 1 x Upload USBcable with comms electronic
* 2 x RFID "event" Cards
* 8 x ID Points

The software is fully Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit) compatible and besides the standard PatrolMan monitoring software all tools for downloading the information from the baton to a PC is supplied.
To date we have installed our Proximity PatrolMan system on some 3000 sites and we consider this product to be a market leader in the area of security guard monitoring.
Date and time stamped transactions are stored in state of the art electronic circuitry, which can be uploaded into a standard PC (with the PatrolMan up-loader) for evaluation and reporting purposes.