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Wikipedia defines Job Costing as follows:
Job Costing involves the calculation of costs involved in a construction "job" or the manufacturing of goods done in discrete batches. These costs are recorded in ledger accounts throughout the life of the job or batch and are then summarized in the final trial balance before the preparing of the job cost or batch manufacturing statement.
TurboTime Job Costing takes away all the manual intervention.
How it works:
JC Employee
Each Employee by default is allocated a Card Job Number, this is the same as the employee number prefixed by the letter "E". This field can be edited but MUST be preceded by"E".
If an employee works on jobs e.g. factory worker, the relevant box must be ticked. Obvoiously admin staff don't fill in as welders.
JC Tasks
Each Job in your business is made up of specific tasks.
JC Exit
Each task has a stop reason, end of shift, job complete etc. In this instance (Awaiting Material) TurboTime Job Costing will automatically generate an email including the job number to the concerned parties. You don't want staff standing around idle because you do not have enough material to complete your job. However you don't want to know when a shift has ended.
JC Job
Finally you have your job number. This is broken down into tasks with the expected number of hours needed to complete the job. Unless you have abusiness where the production is so diverse that you never produce the same item twice, you will find after completing a job a few times, you will have the time allocation down to a "fine" art. You can even save the "recipe" for use on jobs at a later date.
JC Reports
Above is a list of reports currently available. Custom reports are available on request.
Once all the parameters have been set, barcodes are printed.
The employee goes to the data capture terminal.
He presses the "Job On" button.
Scans his employee job card.
Scans the job number.
Scans the task he is about to perform.
Starts working.
Once he has finished the task he again returns to the data capture terminal.
Presses the "Job Off" button
Scans his employee job card
Scans the stop reason.
He is now ready to start his next task
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