TurboTime Paradox (Version 5)



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TurboTime Paradox is aimed at companies with less than 300 employees in a single user environment. If you have more than 300 employees or intend having a multi-user environment then TurboTime MSSQL (Verion 6) is recommended.
TurboTime software allows you to filter and print by date ranges. All clockings are clearly shown, (see pic) and the time worked is automatically calculated for you. The “Target” time required is shown and the difference between the “Target” required to be worked and the actual time worked is also calculated and any exceptions are shown in red. The Edit clocking screen allows you to insert times or amend times. You can edit by Employee Name or Employee Number.
Your TurboTime  software package offers you a number of options, such as the Single User, the Multi User or the Client Server package. The Multi User allows any number of users to log in simultaneously. Each “User” is allocated a password and a login name together with a set of “User rights” rules, allowing them to use one or more functions within the program. The Audit trail records the changes made by each individual “User”. The Multi User software is only available using a MSSQL database.
Thus allowing the financial / production director, to see what the operational cost are for each company i.e. Lost  time, percentage of overtime in relation to the normal time, all broken down into Departments. Human Resources (HR) can also track how Sick days have been taken, all prior to the data being transferred from the Turbo Time System to the payroll (Click to view Current payroll interfaces) system.
The Time & Attendance software keeps track of Overtime, Public Holidays Tardiness, Absenteeism, Shift rosters/Shift rotation, Sick Notes (Paid vs. Unpaid), multiple shift start times, Auto shift detection, Midnight change over of pay rates. Replenish any short time worked from one or more overtimes, and provide about 50 reports to go with these options before transferring the data to your Payroll (Click to view Current payroll interfaces) package. These are some of the land mines waiting for the misinformed.
This is a top of the range product, hence being called the "Turbo Time – Pro." It has built in an "Automatic shift detection" program, this means that the program will detect when an employee has changed from one shift to another automatically, and then rectify the change without human intervention. I.e. was supposed to work a 6-2 shift but was asked to work a 2-10 shift (provided that the 2-10 shift is a valid shift for that employee), they will be booked to that 2-10 shift "automatically." This package has different filters that allow you to select a pay period and only that period clocking's are shown.
You can filter all invalid clocking and the system will only show invalid / missing clocking's / absenteeism’s etc. Works best with a Microsoft Intelli mouse with the roller in the centre as this allows you to roll to the next employee and view the next exception (else use the Up / Down Arrow key). You can also edit by employee name or number and use the mouse / Arrow keys to jump from employee. Prints to the screen and then to your printer.  Multiple Printers? - You can select any (Windows) printer you want. There is an extensive array of reports and this version also has a Payroll interface (Click to view Current payroll interfaces). Should you want to Edit, Adding, change employee clocking's by one (or two) trusted users will not be a problem, however once you have a number of supervisors making changes and will need a to purchase the: -
Multi User. (Numerous users one PC)
This package works best as it allows a number of supervisors to all log in, each supervisor is allocated a name, password and "User level group" in the T&A Pro version. They can then log-on under their own name and enter their password. They can only see and edit the employees reporting to them. One or multiple functions are allocated to each “User” and certain function are not available and other Icons are greyed which means that they have not have been allocated a high enough level and therefore those  functions (such Add / deleted employees) are not made available and functions like produce reports, Authorise Overtime are available.
Some supervisor can authorise Overtime and nothing else, yet another supervisor can Add, Edit, Change "clocked times". They could also Authorise Early overtime, Late Overtime, Pay “Lunch”, and override Grace times (arrived Late), etc.
Why get a busy person to produce reports, find a runner to deliver the reports, then wait for the reports to be read by the supervisor, wait for them to be returned and then have to decypher what was written on the report , then do the editing and approve the overtimes, etc.
Let the supervisor authorise the overtime and produce their own reports when they want without having to wait. No need to phone the system operator to ask for an absenteeism report; exception report; late arrivals, early departures; Bang – they print to their PC screen view what they want to see and then print if need be. This will save a lot of time, reduce the work load tremendously but most importantly, increase efficiency.
This package comes inclusive of a full audit trail of what has been amended / changed / deleted, and shows who did what & when.
Audit Trail printouts.
Enter your user name and Password. If you have access to the "Audit Trail" then select the Date range, (from Date - to Date) select the user (from User - to User) and the data will be printed to the screen and from there select the printer if you want a hard copy printout. No one escapes the audit trail including the "Super" who adds, deletes, changes the "Users"
Lots of new “Edit” Tools.
You can now filter by date range, [Weekly] [Bi - Weekly] etc. Missing clocking is now clearly shown and treated as an exception. You can filter by exceptions and use you roller ball mouse or your down / Up arrow keys to jump to the next exception. You can edit by Name or Employee number. You can also add hours and select a pay rate. Then add an absentee reason by selecting a reason from your Absentee list. You also have your Authorise Early Overtime, Authorise Late Overtime, Authorise worked through lunch, Cancel Grace time, Print Times shown on the screen.  These are a few of the tools to make your life easier.
Time & Attendance Calendar
All absenteeisms are highlighted, green = good (annual leave etc.), blue = so-so (sick with doctor's note etc.) and red = bad (AWOL etc.). All colours are user definable.